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Over 10% of the population uses eyedrops every day1

and sometimes several times a day. Furthermore, it is estimated that approximately 15 million intraocular injections are performed every year for the treatment of pathologies of the retina.

But despite all these treatments, the last WHO world report on vision2 estimates that between 250M and 300M people lose sight because of diseases for which pharmaceutical treatments exist.

A clear lack of innovation in ophthalmic drug delivery Eye diseases are currently addressed only via 2 ways

For treating the front-of-the-eye, topical therapies (i.e. eye drops, gels, ointments…) display variable efficacy as it depends on users’ gestures and compliance. The poor yield of eye drops (<5% drug absorbed3) leads chronic patients (e.g. glaucoma) to apply them every day and lifelong.

The low absorption rate of eye drops also prevents them from treating the back-of-the-eye. Retinal diseases (e.g. AMD, DME) require highly invasive intra-ocular injections that can only be performed by ophthalmologists. These procedures, repeated several times a year, are painful and generate stress for patients.

Lack of innovation for Ocular Drug Delivery leads to the #1 Unmet Medical Need in Ophthalmology4: poor treatment compliance for nearly half of patients5, resulting in millions of people losing sight2, despite the existence of efficient drugs.


Founded in 2020 by two entrepreneurs with a track record in the development of ophthalmic therapies, BIOPHTA aims to radically improve the efficacy of eye treatments by leveraging the first 7-day continuous microdosing pharmaceutical form. Our patients self-applied dry mini-tablets instantly jellify and develop a strong adhesion to the eye surface. These non-invasive ocular inserts release a controlled low-dose of drug until the next application, that will only occur the following week.


jean garrec

Jean GARREC Founder & CEO

Pharm D., MBA 15 years of business experience in the field of ophthalmic industry across different roles and functions (general management, subsidiaries establishment, global business development, market access, and government price negotiations).

jean cuine

Dr Jean CUINÉ Co-Founder & CTO

Ph.D, Pharm D. & MBA, 20 years international experience in drug development & drug delivery. Former Head of development (CMC, preclinical safety and regulatory) at Stallergenes Greer and NextPharma and R&D Program Director at Novartis

boris bizet

Dr Boris BIZET CMC project manager

Ph.D in Chemistry, Project Leader in CMC and expert in polymer synthesis and in chemical analytical methods development.

Frederic Lallemand

Dr Frédéric LALLEMAND Head of Pharmaceutical Development

Ph.D & Pharm D., expert in ophthalmic drug development. Former R&D manager in 2 ophthalmology. start-ups (Novagali, Horama) & in industry (Santen).

Board of directors

jean garrec

Jean GARREC Founder & CEO

jean cuine

Dr Jean CUINÉ Co-Founder & CTO

Eric TEO copie

Director Dr Eric TEO, MD

Global Head of Safety at CSL-Behring

MBBS(Hons), MBA, FFPM, FRCP(Glasg), LLM, has broad experience across medical and regulatory affairs and pharmacovigilance in the global pharmaceutical industry for over two decades.

brunet copie

Director Jean-François BRUNET

Independent consulting CFO and controlling

M.Sc. & MBA (HEC), is an experienced CFO with an in-depth international exposure. He hold various CFO positions with CAC40 listed companies as well as with major global businesses.


Director Rick EISWIRTH

President and CEO at Alimera Sciences Inc.

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Our academic partners

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    2. WHO publication, 2019 World Report on Vision
    3. Behar-Cohen et al.  – SFO report 2015
    4. Global Data report: Glaucoma Global Drug Forecast and Market Analysis to 2026
    5. Okeke et al.  – Ophthalmology Feb. 2009

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